Caring For Your New Curbing:
Dear Customer,

Most cement products require approximately 28 days to totally cure. It is normal to see different
shades of color in your curbing during the curing process. For the first 24 hours, take extra
precaution to protect the cement from damage by children, adults, vandals, and animals. During
this time, the new curbing will be “soft”. It can be caused to crumble slightly or be scratched if
sharp objects come in contact with it or if someone or something puts excessive weight or
pressure on it.
Your curbing is professionally installed with the use of the highest quality materials. Expansion
joints are positioned to allow the curbing to expand and contract with climate changes. Keep in
mind that there is always the possibility of small hairline cracks even if these precautions are
Some fertilizers and chemicals will stain the new curbing. Alert those using fertilizers and
chemicals to avoid spraying on the curbing. If fertilizers and chemicals come in contact with the
new curbing, immediately hose it down thoroughly. During the first 24 to 48 hours, avoid direct
sprinkler impact on the curbing. After 24 hours, a fine mist will not cause any damage.
We use UV sealer to protect your new curbing from the elements and to enhance its color. We
recommend that you re-seal every couple of years for a long lasting curb.

If you have any questions please call us at (813)549-9690.

Thanks for choosing VIKING CURBS.
At Viking Curbs we install quality curbing in Tampa and surrounding areas and we offer
a 1 year warranty for workmanship and materials. Defective curbing will be replaced at
no charge if the materials or the workmanship used during the installation was at fault. If
the curbing is damaged for any other reason where Viking Curbs is not at fault, we will
gladly come back and make the necessary repairs, however there will be a minimum
trip charge of $200 plus the cost of the repair. Although we provide an excellent product
and use fiber mesh to increase PSI ( pressure per square inch) and additives to
enhance colors, we cannot guarantee that there will be minimal cracking and color
variation in the curb. Maintenance is important and we recommend washing and
resealing once every couple of years.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding our products and processes. We
stand behind every concrete curb we install and pride ourselves in giving you the best
edging in the industry. We have an extensive variety of colors and designs for you to
choose from.

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